Fragrance of Life

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ex-pense / Ex-treme..

Hi everyone ....Life's been pretty boring so far! Lots to work or nothing to work ...all the time it is extremes .... never moderate ...!! :) I think people just don't like moderate know ...whenever I say .."I am OK ..." for a "how are you ?" question, people ask me what's wrong .....but maybe I am just OK ...!! Well ... good thing is the weekend is nearing ...can't wait for that friday ...! I know I am not going to do anything fun ..but I guess I am just waiting to sit and think abt something relaxing!

You know a few of my friends are getting married this year ...and all we talk about is wedding sarees ...and other wedding plans! It is existing to talk abt this in life this happens just once (hopefully ;)) ! Anyways its been a while since I went back home...I hardly know the trend back home ...on the type of materials and dresses. And I find the prices pretty expensive in India. I think for the past 4 - 5 yrs ... our country has changed soo much ..that I sometimes hardly relate to it to me India in my mind is the same as when I left. {will continue..}

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Hershey Chocolate Tour

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Sweetest Place on Earth

Hellooooooooooooooo ...a long 'hello' as its been ages since I wrote anything here!! I was really not into anything for the past month. I guess I don't have too much good "wealth" ...'cause people say 'HEALTH is WEALTH'! Yes ... wasn't feeling good ... and taken a new responsibility in my job! Exciting stuff to do but I guess the result is tiring!I always think what have I done in my life .....that god is punishing me with different problems! Yes ..I know everybody has problems...but come on ...give me a break ... I am suffering with bad health on and off ..really quite often. Anyways ..let me not crib about the same thing over and over again! I am sure everybody around me have already heard enough about this! pheww!!!
I had a great trip ... went to hershey, PA ..met with a couple of friends! Have you guys been there ...if u haven't should go! It's just fun ..and especially for chocolate lovers!! There are loads of chocolates!! And the theme park was amazing ...! Before going to the theme park..I was really skeptical ..thinking ..'Nah ...its not going to be as great as Six flags or Cedar Point' ..because when we tried to look up for corporate discounts (ofcourse in the companies we work for =)) we didn't find any listed forHershey! So ...we thought it might not be as big as the other ones and wasn't really prepared for the fun we had!! Only when my friend pointed out the rides in the internet...I got terrified! They were really huge, thrilling ones!! I guess I thought they will have justkiddy rides .... man what a fool was I to think like that! After seeing the pictures and explanations for the rides tummy started to scare me ...I was like ..' I am not gonna go in any of the rides ... please I will just go to the factory and anything else'!
Well .... back in my head I wanted to do something exciting as it had been a while since I did...!! So...yea we did go to the park was a neat drive to PA from my place! Beautiful small towns ...landscapes....farms...etc. It was really nice to see something different out of this busy state I am living in!

Anyways we arrived in the all smeared-up with sunscreen all over my body ...all ready to burn!! =)) Went to a number of rides ...screemed our lungs out ....and enjoyed a lot!!
After a while it was too hot and wanted a to be drenched!! So ... really got drenched... I mean really completely .... it was the splash of the season!! giggle

Well .. I guess I have to go now will catch up later on the mysteries of chocolate making...

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Life in Business Class

Hello everyone ... drove my lovely vehicle to work! Its been a week since I started taking it to work ... and it has been nothing but pleasure... feels like you are traveling the first class...I should just remember not to sink in my seat that i forget to concentrate in the road. I am even more excited to show my dad my new asset he is a machine lover just like me ...but not in the spending cycle ... I am sure he is gonna think of me as having expensive taste..a spendthrift! I had to really think hard before seeing the car .. but as soon as I saw that one ... I just gave in! Maybe it is love at first site! giggle =)

Ok ... certain things in my mind always haunt me ... on whether I will be able to fulfill all my dreams before I leave this world .... The first one in my mind is a song my father used to sing ..when I was a kid .. my father is not a kind who mingles very freely with us ..he is a man of ambitions/dreams... but somehow he used sing a few lines of some songs to us! This song describes building a beautiful house near a lake, growing a wonderful garden and live happily together ! I almost forgot this song we didn't hear this for a longtime from him...but somehow in a television show...this same song came up and bammm came my memory back. It striked me on how much I want to make it true ... because since my childhood I built this imagination of this beautiful family together ... which seems soo far away now! Wouldn't it be great to live how you want / dream ..not live because for the sake of making a living! Time with family never comes back ... one thing most people, including me, don't realize until you are not with them!

More interests are to learn all about cars...everything .... make, model, performance, engine, brakes, transmission, etc, etc ... I think I have a lot to say I will continue later!

Life with materialistic and family interests .... possible??

Friday, May 05, 2006


I know this has been awhile since I penned something ..!!
Well ... here comes my usual *excuse* ...been busy!!! ;>
My mind and body needs a break ... I can feel it being
very tired!!! Nowadays .. when I feel bored & tired of
the routine ...I keep thinking of a nice vacation break ...
just can't wait to have one!!

Last weekend ... something important happened... I
got engaged ..a step towards commitment! Engagment
took place in my house in India without the to-be-bride
& to-be-groom! It was fun in a way not knowing what
is happening but hear all my relatives explain it to me over
the telephone!! There were soo many people in my house
... mostly my cousins and relatives! Here, the whole day,
we both sat and kept imagining the events back home.
All I very much wished was to be back home and
help my mom & my sister, who has been doing a lot
of work in-preparation towards this! Of course it is also
great to be the center of attention!! =) But we still
haven't decided on the wedding date ... due to some
constraints at work!

Anyways people ... I guess I am not available anymore! ;>

Monday, April 17, 2006

Angels to the rescue* * * *

Ok ...Monday again ... its one day I don't like in the week .... ! I understand that there should be a beginning to anything ... and yes .. as we all know monday is the start of 'real' week ... even though sunday is technically the one!! I never will or never would have waited for a monday to happen ...except for one in my life ...the day my little sister was born! Till date I remember the beautiful smile on that tiny face ...! She was the most precious little one I have ever seen in my life! It was a monday ... got ready for school ...all alone ...'cause of course my mom was in the hospital. I just don't like to be in a house without my mom around ... yes dad was there in the house ... but he doesn't do anything other than getting ready (just like me! ;-)) .. I mean no kitchen work .. or anything of that sort! Well ... he said that we are going to the hospital to see my new sister! Man ... I was excited ... I have someone to play with, share with and finally mom can come home. Even the day before, I had to go to the hospital to learn a lesson on road safety..from my mom...but wasn't allowed to be with her for long time! The only other person who could have made me feel home was my grandmother , but she was there with my mom in the hospital...and she was ill and weak too.

Anyways, as soon as I reached the hospital ... my mother's sister (who is a pediatrician) brought my sister to the waiting room .. to show to us! She was this tiny baby ... really cute ... waiting to sleep again! :) They gestured me to touch her but I was too scared thinking that my hands might not be a 100% clean ... and since she has been very clean inside my mom ... I thought germs might cause some infection!! Well ... I was very excited and couldn't show it out much ... as I don't express well to anyone except my mom! That day at school, I was running around telling everybody about a new member in our family!! Well....that was the monday which
I liked a lot!! Hope there will be more memories for every single day of the week!!

My sister is now doing her Engineering and is all very mature (she is still the same in her looks!! :P)... and even sometimes guides me in difficult times!! I believe in angels only after I met my mom, dad and my sister! They showed me the meaning of love ..sacrifice ..and the importance of life!!

Yes ...there are other very important people in my life (I will mention as we go along)... who I really consider to have been my angels in times of need ..!!
Angels come in different forms ... and we should just be ready to embrace them in our lives!!

Friday, April 14, 2006