Fragrance of Life

Monday, January 30, 2006


Already a month has flown by this year...wonder how time flies ... I am getting nervous as my team mate at work is going to goon a long vacation at the end of this week. The problem is ... we work on separate individual projects and I have no idea in his end. So... I am cramming everything into my head! God only knows what I will do if something goes wrong ... it better not be the case!On top of all this ... I have to concentrate on my projects too ..and some other work related issues...hmmmm!! I had fun in the weekend ...talking to my parents and sister....and my cousin my sister and myself could pull his leg at every possible event. We miss hanging out together and having loads of fun ...!! I had some innovative cooking weekend ...trying out new recipes ..and watched 3 movies ... that's like a lot ... too much of the tube ... went to the mall ...just hung out ...not really bought anything. One weird thing happened on friday ... this person at the counter when I was checking out a tamil movie ... pointed to one of the movies I rented and asked me whether it was nice ... not really knowing what to say come on ... I am just checking it out...I said ..'yea , I guess I have heard' ... and looking at him puzzled he didn't seem to be a tamil - knowing person ...(just my intuition) I asked him 'Do you even know tamil?'. 'Basically I am a telugu but I do watch some tamil movies' said the guy at the counter.As I said..'Ohh ...' ...he started 'Yea ... I think this cast (the movie cast) is popular ... I mean I know these people are telugu people and all tamil movies are remake from telugu ...'! I looked at the cassette and saw 'Vijay, Trisha & Vivek' ..not really sure wherehe found telugu people here ... I didn't say anything ...just nodded and smiled and left .... or probably he would have told mehow tamil movie evolved from telugu movie world ... yeah whatever ... I just don't know why people say something before they can think..and how they want to feel superior by just saying something! This is not much of a big deal ... but I guess ...I found that weird!

Monday, January 23, 2006

********** Impacted ***************

Its been a tiring weekend ...due to the crazy impact on friday! Yeah ... I mean my car's impact crazy lady hit my car (my car - a stationary one) when she was trying to turn into the parking lot .... man she was crazy to do that ...I am sure she was blind ... what kind of excuse could somebody give in hitting car which had been completely halted and that too not in a road! ...Yea ...whatever car is totally scratched and my bumber torn apart headlights hanging out! I am soo mad till this point ... on seeing how people can be soo careless ....!! Anyways thats the main reason ...that I restrained myself from writing ... I would have used bad language and let myemotion to takeover...but as time has gone by (not much though) .. I can hold myself! My car is still in a bad shape ... and want to soo badly repair it by the coming week! I don't even like my car dirty ... how on earth can I tolerate this mishap to mycar!!! OK ... I see myself dragging this conversation back to the origin ... so will make a turn now and try to focus in another path. I had fighting with the mice problem that I have been having recently far I have spotted and thrown out 2 mice, but I guess they (different ones hopefully as I threw them quite far away) keep coming back through some hole in the kitchen.. god .. I wish I can stop them ...well ...I still haven't given up I am gonna it sooner ...and come up with some good news!There is not much to happen in my life ... I think I have had enough for this past week! phew!! Amidst all this tension ...and many more that I haven't mentioned ...I feel like going back in my life to being a kid ... and just hang around my parents and my little baby sister! That sure was a fun life ... thats the time in my life ... I would always cherish the most!!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

C or Si ?? [C -> C language; Si -> Yes in Spanish]

I want to learn a lot of languages to speak and atleast to write a few! Yep ... I mean both national languages and computer languages .... of course the computer languages I can definitely write when I learn in them!! ha ha Every now and then ... I end up going to various websites and learning a few lines ... but all the effort stops after are you? ...comment ca va? .... como esta ..? chenna gidhira ? ... bagunnavaa? ... aap kyasa hai ? ... !! I really wish to go forward than that ...I am gonna try to move forward! Also I want to try and make an effort to go to barnes & Noble in the weekend to atleast be amongst books! I really love books ... of course to read them ... also to just be among them .. but what can I say ... I am not too fast a reader and so ...every book takes a long time to finish! So ...the number of 'completed books' are less compared to how many I have started reading ! Anyways recently I went to the library and pulled up an audio book...and tried listening to it yesterday while cooking .. (did I say I like to multi-task ?? ...sss very much) and it was really interesting hear somebody read out to you!! Anyways thats my new thing recently! You should think/tell me what new thing you have done or you are going to do ...something you have never tried before ... its kinda exciting to think of weird things ..isn't it??

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Clearance in my head or in the road

Today ...the day dawned on me pretty early as I had to do some work from home ...and it still seems like the time hasn't changed the climatic conditions outside the window...! It was a bad drive I couldn't see anything except the brake lights beaming atme on and off ...rain and wind together can make it hard to have a good clearance on the road!! I could almost feel like the car was drifting away from its lane ... I am just glad that I reached my destination safely. I read somewhere that people tend to worry about small things in life and forget to really think about the big things happenings in life! I somehow think thats true ..because ...all I think about is ...finishing my projects ...doing my job well and making my team happy; hoping to finish the week successfully and having a relaxing weekend; hoping to go to India and visiting my family ... ; think about my sister's exams ..and stuff that are going to happen in the near future ...not the long term goals what do I want to do in my life I ready to always work under somebody or start up something on my own like my dad does! Maybe I should think ...about my sister's future and whether I will be able to live far away from home for the rest of my life or would I move or whatever ! My mind refuses to think of these things ... it may be thinking ...why should I stress myself right now .. lets move one small thing at a time! Anyways ... my current worry is me loosing my hair ... what can I say ... its been a year and a half since my hair started falling ...I believe I should have had a lot of hair to still have hair left in my head!! I just wish and hope that this would stop and be back to normal...!! (See I just said ... a day to day worry running constantly in my head).

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Full IIIII || IIIII Empty

The official week has started ... I don't like to go to school or work after a long weekend as my mind and body gets used to enjoying and sleeping a lot during the holidays ...hence the mental and physical hesitation to start the work day!! Anyways I made it work and things are going fine!! As usual I didn't fill up my car's gas-tank and my indicator started blinking less than half-way through to my work. I don't know why I don't really do that well before and not wait for some sensor to tell me to do my work!! It is not bad to fill gas in NJ for one reason and that is ...not having to do it by yourself...yes ...the people at the gas station provide you with full service ...! It was really weird for me to see this ... as I have not seen this after I left India.Back in Michigan ...where I used live before ... I was used to servicing my car on my own and it was very hard in the cold windy/snowy days where it was too hard to even get out of the car!! Worst some days ... the gas-cap wouldn't come quickly and where I would have no energy to try harder because of the weather. Checking the air-pressure in the car's wheels was even harder ... as you have to stand there and keep checking pressure at intervals to avoid inflating the tire too much! My nose and my ears would always turn soo pink that they would start to look like santa's reindeers with those glowing lights on them. :-)

Anyways ... now that I am in a state where people service you (at least in gas stations).. I should really remember to fill my gas-tank in time and prevent any last-minute panic attacks! Other than that ...the weather here has been bad for the past few days ... its freeeezing..not too much snow though but need extra protection for your body!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Kannum Pongal Day ALIAS MLK day...

Adventure was the word for yesterday ... things worked normal ... or what I consider normal till around 4 pm yesterday until the plan to visit the temple came into action! This plan has been postponed from the 24th of december when a couple of our friends from college visited our place! It was pushed to the next weekend ... it was not laziness ..but something would always come up the first time ...we didn't make the effort to check on the temple timings time it was raining very hard and poor visibility ... and yesterday ...too much ice on the road ... very dangerous to go to a place where we actually haven't been a number of times! Anyways we got ready and left home ...literally ..2 steps away from our door ...we realised that we were standing in the middle of a big patch of ice (1 inch thick) and started heading thinking that we will find cleaner spots to step into ...but oh my god way ...I literally had to hold on to the cars parked in the lot to get to our car. Now to open the car...oops ...the key is not moving in the driver seat's tried the other end and luckily it opened ....!! Then I made up my mind and decided not to go to the temple during this bad icy time of the evening ...(not sure what to call it ...cause it was pitch dark like the night) !! So make use of the effort put in to get to the car, we decided to go buy some fruits from a local store. After buying everything that came in our mind as we were walking down the numerous aisles in the hypermarket ...we came back to our apartment ...struggled our ways back from the areas where the car had been parked to the apartment's entrance (a private entrance for each individual apartment) ! Now all to find that my friend couldn't open the door ...thinking that the effort wasn't enough...I took the keys and tried real hard ...all to find my bare fingers ached like hell without any protection from the severe cold ...Oh God ..Give me the strength to open it ...thats all I thought ... I rang my neighbour's door bell ...(out of 2 ...1 door opened) and asked for a de-icer to melt the damn ice so I can get into warmth!! No luck ...they didn't have it finally with great frustation carried the bags back into the car and hoped to find a de-icer in a nearby store! We stopped in every gas station that came on the way to ask for one ...but no-one had the one we were looking for ...a key-hole de-icer finally going back to the hypermarket ..we bought a windsheild de-icer as we ran out of options other than staying in the car !! Buying our dinner at McDonalds much for our home-cooked dinner ...what we planned initially, we arrived in our apartment complex. Now I stepped out of the car with great determination and will power, ... as nothing in this world could stop me from doing anything I wanted ..., I took the de-icer and sprayed hard at the key hole like I was shooting at my worst enemy....and voila....the door opened...alas ...we were back to safety ....phew ....what a relief!! WHAT A DAY FOR ADVENTURE!!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Festive Time N a long weekend..... hurray!!

I am just happy that it is weekend and on top of it is also pongal ...!!
So Happy Pongal to all!!

Friday, January 13, 2006

As the day goes by...

I can't believe how the day is dragging here ....I generally have a lot to do but today is the day before a long weekend and so I am itching to get away !. my manager is on vacation, my other teammate has gone for his break and I have completed my work ....!! Good that I am done with my work but sometimes I wish I had some to keep me preoccupied otherwise I am always lost in the world of internet is like desultory ...within one's own head!! Did I ever mention that I started into this blogging world by reading the cooking is very interesting
to find various versions of cooking the same vegetable. I love cooking is one of my passions ... but I am not brave enough to try out my own creations like many of these excellent cooks online do! I feel like there are too many recipes to try before even I think about my own! Most of everything ...of course I like my mom's cooking ...I think I can never even think of something
paralleling it! My mom creates her own ... and believe me they turn out to be 'out of the world' dishes!! She doesn't keep a measure of the ingredients in her head its pretty hard for me to learn unless I cook along with her. Ohhh....I miss home so much ... I am waiting to see my family!

To Start With

Hi ... I have always wanted to write down my thoughts somewhere and look at it later sometime in my life to recollect on my past life.Well, I never thought I would do it online ...but seeing all these wonderful thought-filled blogs I feel like having one of my own.Anyways get to the point ...I am originally from India , studied in United States and now working here. I am, as most of us here,an IT person. I have always wanted to be around computers and so I am here doing what I intended to! I like to live my life very differently but not really sure what I should do to fulfill that!! I work hard in everything ...I don't give up quite easily and trynot to procrastinate. Well ...I think I should stop here about me and continue with something fun as we go!