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Thursday, January 19, 2006

C or Si ?? [C -> C language; Si -> Yes in Spanish]

I want to learn a lot of languages to speak and atleast to write a few! Yep ... I mean both national languages and computer languages .... of course the computer languages I can definitely write when I learn in them!! ha ha Every now and then ... I end up going to various websites and learning a few lines ... but all the effort stops after are you? ...comment ca va? .... como esta ..? chenna gidhira ? ... bagunnavaa? ... aap kyasa hai ? ... !! I really wish to go forward than that ...I am gonna try to move forward! Also I want to try and make an effort to go to barnes & Noble in the weekend to atleast be amongst books! I really love books ... of course to read them ... also to just be among them .. but what can I say ... I am not too fast a reader and so ...every book takes a long time to finish! So ...the number of 'completed books' are less compared to how many I have started reading ! Anyways recently I went to the library and pulled up an audio book...and tried listening to it yesterday while cooking .. (did I say I like to multi-task ?? ...sss very much) and it was really interesting hear somebody read out to you!! Anyways thats my new thing recently! You should think/tell me what new thing you have done or you are going to do ...something you have never tried before ... its kinda exciting to think of weird things ..isn't it??


  • At January 20, 2006 5:47 AM, Blogger Sadhana said…

    wow!! nice resolutions ...
    but hey know what? for a minute i thought i clicked on somebody else's blog cos of that spanish stuff !!! hehehe but then knew it was ur blog!
    well gr8 that ur planning to learn new stuff...hope this continues and well i will let u know if anything weird comes across my mind cos now all i have to think is of studies!!!!!


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