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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Clearance in my head or in the road

Today ...the day dawned on me pretty early as I had to do some work from home ...and it still seems like the time hasn't changed the climatic conditions outside the window...! It was a bad drive I couldn't see anything except the brake lights beaming atme on and off ...rain and wind together can make it hard to have a good clearance on the road!! I could almost feel like the car was drifting away from its lane ... I am just glad that I reached my destination safely. I read somewhere that people tend to worry about small things in life and forget to really think about the big things happenings in life! I somehow think thats true ..because ...all I think about is ...finishing my projects ...doing my job well and making my team happy; hoping to finish the week successfully and having a relaxing weekend; hoping to go to India and visiting my family ... ; think about my sister's exams ..and stuff that are going to happen in the near future ...not the long term goals what do I want to do in my life I ready to always work under somebody or start up something on my own like my dad does! Maybe I should think ...about my sister's future and whether I will be able to live far away from home for the rest of my life or would I move or whatever ! My mind refuses to think of these things ... it may be thinking ...why should I stress myself right now .. lets move one small thing at a time! Anyways ... my current worry is me loosing my hair ... what can I say ... its been a year and a half since my hair started falling ...I believe I should have had a lot of hair to still have hair left in my head!! I just wish and hope that this would stop and be back to normal...!! (See I just said ... a day to day worry running constantly in my head).


  • At January 18, 2006 9:20 PM, Blogger Sadhana said…

    Well ur absolutely rite abt what u said in ur blog.....small things in life are soo important but we waste time worrying about the not so important things in life...hope all of us could realise this so that we wud be happy every single day!!!


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