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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Full IIIII || IIIII Empty

The official week has started ... I don't like to go to school or work after a long weekend as my mind and body gets used to enjoying and sleeping a lot during the holidays ...hence the mental and physical hesitation to start the work day!! Anyways I made it work and things are going fine!! As usual I didn't fill up my car's gas-tank and my indicator started blinking less than half-way through to my work. I don't know why I don't really do that well before and not wait for some sensor to tell me to do my work!! It is not bad to fill gas in NJ for one reason and that is ...not having to do it by yourself...yes ...the people at the gas station provide you with full service ...! It was really weird for me to see this ... as I have not seen this after I left India.Back in Michigan ...where I used live before ... I was used to servicing my car on my own and it was very hard in the cold windy/snowy days where it was too hard to even get out of the car!! Worst some days ... the gas-cap wouldn't come quickly and where I would have no energy to try harder because of the weather. Checking the air-pressure in the car's wheels was even harder ... as you have to stand there and keep checking pressure at intervals to avoid inflating the tire too much! My nose and my ears would always turn soo pink that they would start to look like santa's reindeers with those glowing lights on them. :-)

Anyways ... now that I am in a state where people service you (at least in gas stations).. I should really remember to fill my gas-tank in time and prevent any last-minute panic attacks! Other than that ...the weather here has been bad for the past few days ... its freeeezing..not too much snow though but need extra protection for your body!!!


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