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Monday, January 23, 2006

********** Impacted ***************

Its been a tiring weekend ...due to the crazy impact on friday! Yeah ... I mean my car's impact crazy lady hit my car (my car - a stationary one) when she was trying to turn into the parking lot .... man she was crazy to do that ...I am sure she was blind ... what kind of excuse could somebody give in hitting car which had been completely halted and that too not in a road! ...Yea ...whatever car is totally scratched and my bumber torn apart headlights hanging out! I am soo mad till this point ... on seeing how people can be soo careless ....!! Anyways thats the main reason ...that I restrained myself from writing ... I would have used bad language and let myemotion to takeover...but as time has gone by (not much though) .. I can hold myself! My car is still in a bad shape ... and want to soo badly repair it by the coming week! I don't even like my car dirty ... how on earth can I tolerate this mishap to mycar!!! OK ... I see myself dragging this conversation back to the origin ... so will make a turn now and try to focus in another path. I had fighting with the mice problem that I have been having recently far I have spotted and thrown out 2 mice, but I guess they (different ones hopefully as I threw them quite far away) keep coming back through some hole in the kitchen.. god .. I wish I can stop them ...well ...I still haven't given up I am gonna it sooner ...and come up with some good news!There is not much to happen in my life ... I think I have had enough for this past week! phew!! Amidst all this tension ...and many more that I haven't mentioned ...I feel like going back in my life to being a kid ... and just hang around my parents and my little baby sister! That sure was a fun life ... thats the time in my life ... I would always cherish the most!!


  • At January 24, 2006 4:45 AM, Blogger Sadhana said…

    hmm what can i say??? great "Impact"..hehe well dont worry about ur car sure it'll be fine in no time.....seems that lady either lost her mind or lost her sight for that moment......and i Have to agree with u that the best time in life is when we were young and spendin time together with family!! even i miss that a lot!!!well hope everything turns out OK!!......

  • At January 28, 2006 9:41 PM, Blogger Anthony said…

    Cars and Mice hmm..


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