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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Kannum Pongal Day ALIAS MLK day...

Adventure was the word for yesterday ... things worked normal ... or what I consider normal till around 4 pm yesterday until the plan to visit the temple came into action! This plan has been postponed from the 24th of december when a couple of our friends from college visited our place! It was pushed to the next weekend ... it was not laziness ..but something would always come up the first time ...we didn't make the effort to check on the temple timings time it was raining very hard and poor visibility ... and yesterday ...too much ice on the road ... very dangerous to go to a place where we actually haven't been a number of times! Anyways we got ready and left home ...literally ..2 steps away from our door ...we realised that we were standing in the middle of a big patch of ice (1 inch thick) and started heading thinking that we will find cleaner spots to step into ...but oh my god way ...I literally had to hold on to the cars parked in the lot to get to our car. Now to open the car...oops ...the key is not moving in the driver seat's tried the other end and luckily it opened ....!! Then I made up my mind and decided not to go to the temple during this bad icy time of the evening ...(not sure what to call it ...cause it was pitch dark like the night) !! So make use of the effort put in to get to the car, we decided to go buy some fruits from a local store. After buying everything that came in our mind as we were walking down the numerous aisles in the hypermarket ...we came back to our apartment ...struggled our ways back from the areas where the car had been parked to the apartment's entrance (a private entrance for each individual apartment) ! Now all to find that my friend couldn't open the door ...thinking that the effort wasn't enough...I took the keys and tried real hard ...all to find my bare fingers ached like hell without any protection from the severe cold ...Oh God ..Give me the strength to open it ...thats all I thought ... I rang my neighbour's door bell ...(out of 2 ...1 door opened) and asked for a de-icer to melt the damn ice so I can get into warmth!! No luck ...they didn't have it finally with great frustation carried the bags back into the car and hoped to find a de-icer in a nearby store! We stopped in every gas station that came on the way to ask for one ...but no-one had the one we were looking for ...a key-hole de-icer finally going back to the hypermarket ..we bought a windsheild de-icer as we ran out of options other than staying in the car !! Buying our dinner at McDonalds much for our home-cooked dinner ...what we planned initially, we arrived in our apartment complex. Now I stepped out of the car with great determination and will power, ... as nothing in this world could stop me from doing anything I wanted ..., I took the de-icer and sprayed hard at the key hole like I was shooting at my worst enemy....and voila....the door opened...alas ...we were back to safety ....phew ....what a relief!! WHAT A DAY FOR ADVENTURE!!


  • At January 17, 2006 4:33 AM, Blogger Sadhana said…

    hey anjali!!
    phew!! wat a adventure.....really stressful but still kinda enjoyable(for ppl to read i mean)..
    glad u found a way in at last....hope it nvr happens again!! ...gr8 illustration..keep it comin.......


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