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Monday, January 30, 2006


Already a month has flown by this year...wonder how time flies ... I am getting nervous as my team mate at work is going to goon a long vacation at the end of this week. The problem is ... we work on separate individual projects and I have no idea in his end. So... I am cramming everything into my head! God only knows what I will do if something goes wrong ... it better not be the case!On top of all this ... I have to concentrate on my projects too ..and some other work related issues...hmmmm!! I had fun in the weekend ...talking to my parents and sister....and my cousin my sister and myself could pull his leg at every possible event. We miss hanging out together and having loads of fun ...!! I had some innovative cooking weekend ...trying out new recipes ..and watched 3 movies ... that's like a lot ... too much of the tube ... went to the mall ...just hung out ...not really bought anything. One weird thing happened on friday ... this person at the counter when I was checking out a tamil movie ... pointed to one of the movies I rented and asked me whether it was nice ... not really knowing what to say come on ... I am just checking it out...I said ..'yea , I guess I have heard' ... and looking at him puzzled he didn't seem to be a tamil - knowing person ...(just my intuition) I asked him 'Do you even know tamil?'. 'Basically I am a telugu but I do watch some tamil movies' said the guy at the counter.As I said..'Ohh ...' ...he started 'Yea ... I think this cast (the movie cast) is popular ... I mean I know these people are telugu people and all tamil movies are remake from telugu ...'! I looked at the cassette and saw 'Vijay, Trisha & Vivek' ..not really sure wherehe found telugu people here ... I didn't say anything ...just nodded and smiled and left .... or probably he would have told mehow tamil movie evolved from telugu movie world ... yeah whatever ... I just don't know why people say something before they can think..and how they want to feel superior by just saying something! This is not much of a big deal ... but I guess ...I found that weird!


  • At January 31, 2006 9:48 AM, Blogger Sadhana said…

    well hey! missin u for a few days....i was wondering while i opened ur blog whether i was gonna see the same "IMPACTED" title there or somethin else....glad to see a new post...well as u said about that guy..wate-v-e-r!!! and dont burden ur head with too much of can lead to very serious issues u know!!..keep posting!!!


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