Fragrance of Life

Friday, February 24, 2006


"Learn from your mistakes" ... is a very common saying we hear quite often. But how long are we allowed to make mistakes .... how many are we allowed....I think it would take at least a lifetime ... to try and commit all mistakes ...and later rectify from them!! Do we have to do that ... why can't we learn from other's mistakes too?? Yes...I am sure we can ... just have to really remember it ...! All my life ... of course ...not a very long time ...but long enough ...I hate 'silly mistakes' ... starting from school days ... till current date ...! Mathematics had always been my favourite subject .... I liked to solve problems ... and yes, with the help of a good encouraging tution teacher I had ...I have always performed well! But maths was the only subject where I would worry about silly copying wrong figures from the question paper to the answer sheet, would get confused ...or may overlook (3+3) or (3*3) ...yes...this was the most common mistakes I used to make. Man I would hate myself so much ... that I would even cry for these mistakes which would just end taking a few points only ... but still ...all I thought was ...'hey this is mathematics can't affford to make mistakes!!!!!' Even today at work ... I make soo many silly mistakes ....while coding...overlooking stuff ...and suffer hours together ...finally to figure out in a 1 minute the next day!!! Can't we avoid all mistakes before we do it ... and not regret the time/money wasted?? Not all mistakes are avoidable right?? Hey ... this thing is like the chicken and the egg story ... don't have a straight forward answer!!!

Yes, I am trying NEVER to make anymore mistakes in life and be the best person I can both to me and to others!! Frankly ... I don't know how long thats going to work out... !! ;) At least shoudl encourage and appreciate the effort right?

Ok well ... coming back to the reality ... things are going busy again ... I am busy ... no improvement even after my manager is back. More work load and an added portion of stress to it! I am waiting for a break ... I am kinda tired ... want to have a vacation ... very far away from work!! Maybe in NEVERLAND there really one as in the fairy tales???

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Safety First Speed Next

Nothing much to say in particular eventhough much has been happening here ... nothing new really ...just loads of work all the time! Have been waking up early to do some stuff ... and this support business at work is fun but lot of nerve wrecking tension ... don't know what is wrong but have to fix ASAP!! Anyways when I was driving to work ... there was this truck which was approaching me from behind in a very good speed be frank truck drivers don't drive like that ... at least they are slower than most other vehicles. The surprising thing was that the road was very steep and still that didn't seem to bother the truck at all! I tried to hold on to the lane because there were cars parallel to me stopping me from switching lanes....but man ... the truck came soo close ...that i was forced to accelerate and move to another lane! That truck was literally chasing all vehicles away from its path ... I mean it ...I kept noticing it when it overtook me ...and I saw him going soo close to other cars and other cars desperately indicating to move to either side!!! Anyways that reminded me of movies like Joy Ride and Jeepers Creepers. You know those had similarities ...chasing cars in the highway!... Well if you like such thrillers ... you should watch them mom, sis and myself love such movies ... eventhough we are all dead scared ... but still we stick to each other and watch it!!! Hope that day comes soon ... to cherish once more!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Nature Is Yet To Be Defined

I am tired most of these days .. during the weekend we had lots of snow ...just one day...but about 15 inches of snow! I really couldn't make out the difference between buried cars and piles of snow! But I like having snow know to me ..that defineswinter ..that too after leaving in Michigan, where it used to snow every single day reminding you of the cold winter!! I soo wanted to jump around and play with the snow ... but I needed company to do that my sister or mom ...who would have definitely jumped outside with me!! Snow is very beautiful ....very pure the color of peace ...and it is very silent whenyou observe! Those are like tiny stars which fall on you and melt before you realize it! It has such nice texture ...patterns ...and you know what no two snow patterns are the same!! I like to look up in the sky when it is dark and the snow is falling isone sight you should have in your lifetime!!! I think I got this liking for nature from my mother ... she admires a lot of thingswhich regularly people don't pay attention. She loves looking at stars in the night ... studying the patterns and telling us the namesof those patterns. She loves to get wet in the rain ... she never believes in tomorrow ...only in today !! She is one of a kind...and I miss her so very much!! Mom you are the greatest!!

Saturday, February 11, 2006


Yup...this is my new Hummer .... my new power machine ...a four door open road wagon ... with Vortec 6000 6.0L V8 engine ... 4 speed automatic ..traction control ... flat-tire run capability...dynamic breaking...front/rear suspension...grille guard....and a lot more features to this high stability vehicle!! I am soo excited with my new asset!!!!

Friday, February 10, 2006

'PRESENT' is a true Present

Work is something that should have a balance ... it is very hard to be without any work and it is very to be with lot of work. Yes...I am sure everybody has experienced that! At every stage of our lives we think about having less work in the next stage! When I was a kid ... I always wanted to grow up so I can have other people do my work ... like for example, my dad would always ask me to fetch something for him in the house ...which I thought if I grow up ... I can have the younger people do that for me!! When I went to school and got loads of homework ..I thought maybe when I go to college I might have less homework ... Also whenever I had to wear a uniform to school ... I used to think it was fun wearing color dress (I don't know why we used to call our regular clothes as 'color dresses' if the uniform didn't have any color to it??) I used to wait to start college and have fun!! But things don't seem the way you want it to seem!! In college ... I had loads of studying and working to do ... since I didn't study in India, the studying pattern needed changing ...big time .... syllabus changed ... I had to be more outward and interact to learn more ... which I had never done in school! Well...during college I thought will be fun to finish all the immense learning and start to implement it at work!! But now ... I feel the pressure still ... but no more excuses like in college!! It is soo true that we never know the value of anything when we have it ...but really cherish it when its gone! Knowing this ...I always feel ... that the most valuable time is the present time in life ...where you should only think of living in it to the fullest and not to worry about the past or future! Of course dreams/goals are very important but shouldn't let that disturb the present life!!!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

>>>>> Fun and Frolic as a Family <<<<<<<

Sorry ... its been a long time since I had written anything in my blog ... I have been terribly busy as I had predicted in the lastpost. I feel like I have all these huge responsibilities at work... some java cache stuff ... which I had no idea on how to fix yesterday. God ... this news was waiting for me to get when I got to work on monday morning! What more can go wrong ... on a monday?Anyways with some help from my friend at work ... and after hours of going through the code ... figured out the problem and fixed it!!So I am just hoping and praying that this is the ONLY fix I have to do to the code. The thing is I have my own projects which require loads of work ... as we building a new system. I can keep listing ... the different projects I have just got recently...! Also I have been a bad sister for my cousin brother who just had his birthday! Yes ...I forgot to wish him ... totally forgot to call him..spoke about it to my sister ...but anyways ...Belated Happy Birthday my dear brother!! It has been ages since we all met ...afterI left for higher education here ... I haven't got a chance to be visit them! The most enjoyable time in memory is the time ..whenthey actually moved to Madras from Singapore...I am sure the kids weren't very excited abt leaving their school and friends there! They moved to Anna Nagar a nice apartment which was really nice ...and we used to go and visit them at least fortnightly ...mostlyafter 8pm our white amabassador!! My sis and me would get soo excited as we weren't close to many of our cousins wecherished every moment we got to spend with their family ...aunty and uncle are also very nice and interesting ...uncle always goes about explaining all the whats and whys ...which comes from him in the first place. We used to go cycling there those calm roads ..i mean when compared to t.nagar roads! As it got harder for uncle to commute to work, they moved closer to our 10 minswalk! That was even cooler because we could go there whenever we liked...and didn't need dad to drive us soo far! We would be togetherduring weekends ...sometimes would even pick them up from school myself together on festivals, birthdays and holidays!! Aunty used to make very tasty cakes ...and she always made cakes for everyone's birthdays! Sometimes ...would even pick up uncle from work for lunch when I get back from school ...because my school was closer to his work place. While we had all the fun in theworld ...our cousins really suffered a lot in school ... the culture change ...along with syllabus...course work ...quizzing techniques..everything was different and they couldn't survive for a long time!! Also ...sometime during that year uncle and dad startedC and C++ class in our house with a tutor! Dad really tried and then realized what good it could do him...and so he dropped after a 1 month or so ! But uncle really worked hard (he already knowing a lot in the computer programming) and finally wrote the certification exams ! You know ...our uncle was the one who actually taught us how to use the internet! We used to go play computer games at his place orin the cyber center nearby! Autually I have a lot to say about my cousin brothers they are very funny and nice to be with!! We even went on trips together ...once to Bangalore ...and we had a big 'gala' time my computer teacher would put it :=)!! Well willcontinue this later....think its growing in a higher rate!!!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

A Regular Spill With An Irregular Stain

I know I haven't been writing for sometime ... I have been really busy at work for the past few days ...lots to do at once!! For a fact I know that this whole month is going to be busy! Well ... today everything was fine ... learnt new stuff at work ... ate out as I was really sick & tired to cook the day before! Had chinese food .. ordered too much (my friend and me) as we were very hungry at the time of ordering ... and ended up eating only one dish while we had ordered 2. thats was my dinner just an hour ago .... at least something worked out ! Today ... I got an offer at work ...which I had been waiting for sometime ...a promotion to say ...and the kind I like!! So a good thing today ...but when I got home ... I accidently stained my bedspread spelling my drink on it ...and while trying to clean ...guess what ...I used the fabric stain remover ...which eventually ended up removing the colors ....BAD!! That made me soo was one of my favourite ones!! So ... pondering about the day ... one good thing Versus one bad thing ... makes the day balanced!! hmmm ... I guess thats how the world works!! Good Nite!