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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

>>>>> Fun and Frolic as a Family <<<<<<<

Sorry ... its been a long time since I had written anything in my blog ... I have been terribly busy as I had predicted in the lastpost. I feel like I have all these huge responsibilities at work... some java cache stuff ... which I had no idea on how to fix yesterday. God ... this news was waiting for me to get when I got to work on monday morning! What more can go wrong ... on a monday?Anyways with some help from my friend at work ... and after hours of going through the code ... figured out the problem and fixed it!!So I am just hoping and praying that this is the ONLY fix I have to do to the code. The thing is I have my own projects which require loads of work ... as we building a new system. I can keep listing ... the different projects I have just got recently...! Also I have been a bad sister for my cousin brother who just had his birthday! Yes ...I forgot to wish him ... totally forgot to call him..spoke about it to my sister ...but anyways ...Belated Happy Birthday my dear brother!! It has been ages since we all met ...afterI left for higher education here ... I haven't got a chance to be visit them! The most enjoyable time in memory is the time ..whenthey actually moved to Madras from Singapore...I am sure the kids weren't very excited abt leaving their school and friends there! They moved to Anna Nagar a nice apartment which was really nice ...and we used to go and visit them at least fortnightly ...mostlyafter 8pm our white amabassador!! My sis and me would get soo excited as we weren't close to many of our cousins wecherished every moment we got to spend with their family ...aunty and uncle are also very nice and interesting ...uncle always goes about explaining all the whats and whys ...which comes from him in the first place. We used to go cycling there those calm roads ..i mean when compared to t.nagar roads! As it got harder for uncle to commute to work, they moved closer to our 10 minswalk! That was even cooler because we could go there whenever we liked...and didn't need dad to drive us soo far! We would be togetherduring weekends ...sometimes would even pick them up from school myself together on festivals, birthdays and holidays!! Aunty used to make very tasty cakes ...and she always made cakes for everyone's birthdays! Sometimes ...would even pick up uncle from work for lunch when I get back from school ...because my school was closer to his work place. While we had all the fun in theworld ...our cousins really suffered a lot in school ... the culture change ...along with syllabus...course work ...quizzing techniques..everything was different and they couldn't survive for a long time!! Also ...sometime during that year uncle and dad startedC and C++ class in our house with a tutor! Dad really tried and then realized what good it could do him...and so he dropped after a 1 month or so ! But uncle really worked hard (he already knowing a lot in the computer programming) and finally wrote the certification exams ! You know ...our uncle was the one who actually taught us how to use the internet! We used to go play computer games at his place orin the cyber center nearby! Autually I have a lot to say about my cousin brothers they are very funny and nice to be with!! We even went on trips together ...once to Bangalore ...and we had a big 'gala' time my computer teacher would put it :=)!! Well willcontinue this later....think its growing in a higher rate!!!


  • At February 08, 2006 8:16 AM, Blogger Sadhana said…

    first of all ....ur forgiven" for not posting anything for a loong time! well its understandable! ...
    Seems u have had a lot of fun in ur life ...well v have to ,always cherish every single moment and not worry about silly things!!


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