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Friday, February 24, 2006


"Learn from your mistakes" ... is a very common saying we hear quite often. But how long are we allowed to make mistakes .... how many are we allowed....I think it would take at least a lifetime ... to try and commit all mistakes ...and later rectify from them!! Do we have to do that ... why can't we learn from other's mistakes too?? Yes...I am sure we can ... just have to really remember it ...! All my life ... of course ...not a very long time ...but long enough ...I hate 'silly mistakes' ... starting from school days ... till current date ...! Mathematics had always been my favourite subject .... I liked to solve problems ... and yes, with the help of a good encouraging tution teacher I had ...I have always performed well! But maths was the only subject where I would worry about silly copying wrong figures from the question paper to the answer sheet, would get confused ...or may overlook (3+3) or (3*3) ...yes...this was the most common mistakes I used to make. Man I would hate myself so much ... that I would even cry for these mistakes which would just end taking a few points only ... but still ...all I thought was ...'hey this is mathematics can't affford to make mistakes!!!!!' Even today at work ... I make soo many silly mistakes ....while coding...overlooking stuff ...and suffer hours together ...finally to figure out in a 1 minute the next day!!! Can't we avoid all mistakes before we do it ... and not regret the time/money wasted?? Not all mistakes are avoidable right?? Hey ... this thing is like the chicken and the egg story ... don't have a straight forward answer!!!

Yes, I am trying NEVER to make anymore mistakes in life and be the best person I can both to me and to others!! Frankly ... I don't know how long thats going to work out... !! ;) At least shoudl encourage and appreciate the effort right?

Ok well ... coming back to the reality ... things are going busy again ... I am busy ... no improvement even after my manager is back. More work load and an added portion of stress to it! I am waiting for a break ... I am kinda tired ... want to have a vacation ... very far away from work!! Maybe in NEVERLAND there really one as in the fairy tales???


  • At February 25, 2006 3:39 AM, Blogger Sadhana said…

    man!! ur titles keep getting bttr as time goes on ....!!!
    and well abt that work load it totally sucks rite?!?!? .....wish we cud do anything we want any time we want!.......and abt the mistaked part.....well said !!! the best thing is that we shud remember it rite!! ......well all of us must jus look out in da future rite!!!! ....gud luck!!!!

  • At February 28, 2006 11:57 AM, Blogger BDSN said…

    well my mistakes arent silly but comes in lots of wastage like I try new stuffs and they dont come out properly so i eat some and throw the rest..which i hate
    so whatever new i try i try with lil stuff so that i dont waste a that iam sure your silly mistake thing can be solved ...
    Every problem is like a challenge which definitely has a solution(I learnt that from a tv show).Nothing is impossible..Well let me stop else i will go on and on..

  • At March 01, 2006 10:29 AM, Blogger Anjali said…

    Sadhana - Thanks :=) Yes, very true least try and avoid the mistakes .. which we can predict with a little pre-thinking!

    Bdsn - Yea .. everything in life is definitely a 'challenge'! Thanks for your thoughts..


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