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Friday, February 10, 2006

'PRESENT' is a true Present

Work is something that should have a balance ... it is very hard to be without any work and it is very to be with lot of work. Yes...I am sure everybody has experienced that! At every stage of our lives we think about having less work in the next stage! When I was a kid ... I always wanted to grow up so I can have other people do my work ... like for example, my dad would always ask me to fetch something for him in the house ...which I thought if I grow up ... I can have the younger people do that for me!! When I went to school and got loads of homework ..I thought maybe when I go to college I might have less homework ... Also whenever I had to wear a uniform to school ... I used to think it was fun wearing color dress (I don't know why we used to call our regular clothes as 'color dresses' if the uniform didn't have any color to it??) I used to wait to start college and have fun!! But things don't seem the way you want it to seem!! In college ... I had loads of studying and working to do ... since I didn't study in India, the studying pattern needed changing ...big time .... syllabus changed ... I had to be more outward and interact to learn more ... which I had never done in school! Well...during college I thought will be fun to finish all the immense learning and start to implement it at work!! But now ... I feel the pressure still ... but no more excuses like in college!! It is soo true that we never know the value of anything when we have it ...but really cherish it when its gone! Knowing this ...I always feel ... that the most valuable time is the present time in life ...where you should only think of living in it to the fullest and not to worry about the past or future! Of course dreams/goals are very important but shouldn't let that disturb the present life!!!


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