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Thursday, February 02, 2006

A Regular Spill With An Irregular Stain

I know I haven't been writing for sometime ... I have been really busy at work for the past few days ...lots to do at once!! For a fact I know that this whole month is going to be busy! Well ... today everything was fine ... learnt new stuff at work ... ate out as I was really sick & tired to cook the day before! Had chinese food .. ordered too much (my friend and me) as we were very hungry at the time of ordering ... and ended up eating only one dish while we had ordered 2. thats was my dinner just an hour ago .... at least something worked out ! Today ... I got an offer at work ...which I had been waiting for sometime ...a promotion to say ...and the kind I like!! So a good thing today ...but when I got home ... I accidently stained my bedspread spelling my drink on it ...and while trying to clean ...guess what ...I used the fabric stain remover ...which eventually ended up removing the colors ....BAD!! That made me soo was one of my favourite ones!! So ... pondering about the day ... one good thing Versus one bad thing ... makes the day balanced!! hmmm ... I guess thats how the world works!! Good Nite!


  • At February 03, 2006 6:29 AM, Blogger Sadhana said…

    What can i say?!?!?! a thats gr8....and hey dont worry abt ur bedspread's too short to be worried about these little things which is actually isnt that a bigga deal!! and well u deserve a biiiiggg break from ur work definetely...and do keep postin ur blogs a lil more frequently cos its soo nice to read 'em!! keep em comin!


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