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Monday, March 27, 2006

Shopping with Atitude

Hi ... in an effort to keep up with my posting , I have been making a lot of typos ...sooo pleasee forgive my presentation! I will try to be better in the future! I think my mind and my fingers are not in the right pace...!! Anyways I said before, I went car shopping last weekend... man what an experience ... I was soo pissed ..with the experience! Dealers are the worst people to deal with .... why do they call them 'D-E-A-L-E-R-S' .... they have an attitude of their own!!

To begin, we were very confused on what to buy ... and intermediate car (both size and price) or a intermediate in size and a bit higher in luxury....!! Too much research and we were all set ... to go ahead and start the real bargain. Of course ... I am not going to buy a new car ... it is just not worth losing the money you put down the minute the car leaves the lot!You know as a matter of fact ... a car depreciates almost 25 -30 % in the first year! The subsequents years will be a lot lesser! So ... it is never a smart move to buy a new car ... unless you don't care losing that much on ur first year! All this I learnt in a wonderful class called 'Engineering Economics' ... yea ..what does an engineer have to do with economics ... well .. that was my first question when I stepped into the class. But ...hey ... I was wrong ...there is a lot one should know ... the 'Time Value Of Money' , Depreciations, Inflation rates, etc .... a very interesting class ...with a very interesting professor ... but he was very precise in his teachings and in grades ... his problems very soo simple yet soo talently twisted ...and yes ... I suffered a lot to score in that class!!

Well ... getting back to the subject of buying cars ... the first dealership was a Nissan. When we stepped out in the lot and started looking at few of the '05 models. We looked at the deep blue one ... and when we were asessing the car from the outside ... a rep came towards us and started their usual question ... which surprising was exactly the ones mentioned in the internet .. in a website ...which warned buyers about the dealerships. First of all I couldn't stop laughing .. and finally we said we want a test drive. So ... the guy took the driving license and came back with the keys. First he asked us to get on the road from another the left most exit ... about 100 feet away and asked us to come through the right most entrance so he could place the number plate on the car. So ...deligently we drove to the front entrance ... and there he was ..."So do you like the car??" .. we were like ..." thats our test drive "... "Oh this is a Nissan ... what more do you want" this enough to decide to buy a car ...for 17K + ....what an atitude ... does he sell cars to customers like this??? You know ... for a person who is business/sales ...customers comes first...and everything else comes next ...this is an atitude which will improve a business ... if not... I am not REALLY sure!!! Yea ...I think people forget where they come from and what their status stands in the money making frontier!! Anyways ... this made me think of the time ... I used to work in the university library as a part time employee ... I loved my job ... friendly people to work with ... and I learnt quickly ... also became trusted by my supervisors .!! I was most importantly doing my duty ... to serve the patrons ... not that I would take crap ... but I do my BEST .... well I guess thats want I probably expect of other people ... basic ...duty conscience!! ...Well will keep it rollin' ....(i meant the blog ;))

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Training with OR without Teachers!

Hello ... Today has been a dull day to start with ...but gues wat ...I woke up early ...I think I am used to waking up early for work!! This whole week has been dragging ... a lot ...but u know what ... I think to be in a fast moving world ... but then and there my laziness kicks in!!! Well ... I had been teaching my little sister on programming concepts .... over the phone ... you can imagine desperate that is ...'cause I feel that she is not provided the right understanding of those concepts! Teachers have a unique role in this world ...and I believe that if they can't do it right ... they should not do that at all ...'cause it is the future which suffers!! Don't you agree?? I had this one teacher for math when I was in school ... and literally couldn't learn a thing from her ... but thanks god for my tution teacher Ms.Latha ... she was the best ... she would motivate me all the time ... and I was her best student ...!! This school teacher of mine ...wasn't even capable of talking right!!! ... Anyways ... I think thats what my sister is going through... ! I always felt that if I had an older sister...I could learn from her ...but now I know what my sister should be feeling "what is the use of having a sister ..soo far away??"" Well we both are in the same field ... and I am sure thats for a reason ... we will do something really big ...and I am sure !! :))

And you know what ... I have been cooking different dishes from different food blogs ... ! I will definitely share the experience with you all!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Long Time No C

Hi ... I know its been ages since I wrote anything ...well it started with sickness ...went to stress related with too much work and finally ended up in laziness...!! Finally I am here ...overcoming everything ..again writing my way !! My life hasn't changed much but maybe in a minor is wealth ...has probably come to me with more seriousness!! My car is finally fixed... it looks really cute though ... especially after driving around a 2006 Chevy Impala which the insurance people had given to replace my car forthe time being! Now I drive more defensively just to prevent all this again! :>) Now due to some work related issues ..we are looking for buying a new car .. not really sure what to settle for!! Well will let you know when and what I have decided to buy!

Today ... being a monday ...nothing really special...did something new at work ...something related to my application. Can't really wait to go home ... kinda depressing! No real fun people around ... you know I feel like I am among grown-ups ... I don't really know what I call myself?? but definitely not the same as I see people who are married and have kids! Of course ... they have different stuff to worry about ... their husbands ... kids and in-laws ..and much much more! But I know that I will be there soon..but at least when I don't have to think about those, I really want to think about fun stuff!! Meeting friends ... going out ...playing some fun games ... run around ... go on wild trips ... no real plan required!

Well ... there was this one particular shopping event I really enjoyed ...! Back when I was in Michigan ... during late november ... my friend, her boyfriend and myself planned togo out to the mall ... just not knowing what to do ... after cooking some yummy aloo parathas at home! We were pretty sure .. thatits going to be some usual mall-browsing time ... but to our surprise ... we bought something from almost every store we stepped into!We tried on some weird clothes ... prom dresses ... party wears ...which for the most part we won't have the occasions to wear to!!Yes, we bought good stuff ... all good value ones ...our favourite ones ...which we had waited to get for a long time! Her boyfriend couldn't keep up with us, so he gave up and retired to a comfortable seat! Whenever I go shopping ... I always think of that day and cherish the fun I had with my friend!

Anyways I will be back tomorrow ...

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Purity Of Snow .... Outside my Patio!

They are actually flowering plants which blooms only once in a year!

Wintery Mind

Hi ... I stayed in today at home for work! Yep ...snow again... but really less...but some wintery mix (as puts it) as there was ice rain too! The day was really hectic ... I am soo forced to work in a computer with just one monitor as opposed to dual monitor computer at work! And way too many problems to handle ... phew ...I was really glad to get done with work! I can't wait to go to my work place tomorrow and start feeling better about my cursor movements!!

The tree in the picture looks really bare... this is how evey tree in the state looks like ..except those christmas trees! I am really tired to do any cooking today ... but hopefully after visiting one of those yummy food blogs ... I get the drive to cook something! You know I have immense will power ... no this is no show off ... a good thing to say ...but if overdone ...bad for oneself! Like the other day ... I did methi paratha ... and after which I started cleaning the whole kitchen ... as it was unbearable!!! I can't stand shabby looks to any of my surrounding areas! I went into the kitchen at 7:30pm ..1/2 an hour after I came from work ... and stayed till 10:30pm ... Oh god ...that was a long time ... my hands were almost breaking ... mopping the floor killed me !! Only after that I had my dinner ... too tired to feel any pain/hunger ... and then ..started my knitting work....and went on till midnight...after which the body started giving up..! Today to think about it ... it feels very weird ...and come on ...did I have to do all this during a weekday??? oo come on knitting important?? I don't know ... but this is why I feel ...that 'never give up' policy is hard on me at times!!

One other adventure I had in life ...was driving almost 2000 miles alone ..almost from south to north of the country! I loved that trip ... me alone all the way ...but something I would never have the opportunity again! You should try doing stuff like that ... not necessarily dangerous ...but to give to confidence and determination!! I had weather ranging from warm sun to snow!! Sleeve-less to Full-wool-sleeve based shirt! ;) Anyways I write more about it later!!

Got to start on my routine....

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