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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Wintery Mind

Hi ... I stayed in today at home for work! Yep ...snow again... but really less...but some wintery mix (as puts it) as there was ice rain too! The day was really hectic ... I am soo forced to work in a computer with just one monitor as opposed to dual monitor computer at work! And way too many problems to handle ... phew ...I was really glad to get done with work! I can't wait to go to my work place tomorrow and start feeling better about my cursor movements!!

The tree in the picture looks really bare... this is how evey tree in the state looks like ..except those christmas trees! I am really tired to do any cooking today ... but hopefully after visiting one of those yummy food blogs ... I get the drive to cook something! You know I have immense will power ... no this is no show off ... a good thing to say ...but if overdone ...bad for oneself! Like the other day ... I did methi paratha ... and after which I started cleaning the whole kitchen ... as it was unbearable!!! I can't stand shabby looks to any of my surrounding areas! I went into the kitchen at 7:30pm ..1/2 an hour after I came from work ... and stayed till 10:30pm ... Oh god ...that was a long time ... my hands were almost breaking ... mopping the floor killed me !! Only after that I had my dinner ... too tired to feel any pain/hunger ... and then ..started my knitting work....and went on till midnight...after which the body started giving up..! Today to think about it ... it feels very weird ...and come on ...did I have to do all this during a weekday??? oo come on knitting important?? I don't know ... but this is why I feel ...that 'never give up' policy is hard on me at times!!

One other adventure I had in life ...was driving almost 2000 miles alone ..almost from south to north of the country! I loved that trip ... me alone all the way ...but something I would never have the opportunity again! You should try doing stuff like that ... not necessarily dangerous ...but to give to confidence and determination!! I had weather ranging from warm sun to snow!! Sleeve-less to Full-wool-sleeve based shirt! ;) Anyways I write more about it later!!

Got to start on my routine....


  • At March 03, 2006 8:14 AM, Blogger Sadhana said…

    well well well!!! theres one word for u!! ---"FREAK!!!" and hey i am mentioning it in a good sorta way....and oh yeaa that will power thing can be damn irritating at times but its also for the betterment of ourselves!! ....and well wat a perfectionist r u??? cleanin ur kitchen for such a long time???!!?..well i think ur health is more important than all the other things (& that includes knitting!!) first take good care of urself!! .....and well what a sight rite!! (abt that tree ..)
    and anyways keep amazing us with ur wonder work gurl!!!!!!

  • At March 06, 2006 10:59 AM, Blogger BDSN said…

    Cleaning kills me sometimes. I hate myself for overdoing things. Its like my heart wont rest until i get over with it...Sometimes lots to deal with...woh what to say!!!


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