Fragrance of Life

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Hershey Chocolate Tour

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Sweetest Place on Earth

Hellooooooooooooooo ...a long 'hello' as its been ages since I wrote anything here!! I was really not into anything for the past month. I guess I don't have too much good "wealth" ...'cause people say 'HEALTH is WEALTH'! Yes ... wasn't feeling good ... and taken a new responsibility in my job! Exciting stuff to do but I guess the result is tiring!I always think what have I done in my life .....that god is punishing me with different problems! Yes ..I know everybody has problems...but come on ...give me a break ... I am suffering with bad health on and off ..really quite often. Anyways ..let me not crib about the same thing over and over again! I am sure everybody around me have already heard enough about this! pheww!!!
I had a great trip ... went to hershey, PA ..met with a couple of friends! Have you guys been there ...if u haven't should go! It's just fun ..and especially for chocolate lovers!! There are loads of chocolates!! And the theme park was amazing ...! Before going to the theme park..I was really skeptical ..thinking ..'Nah ...its not going to be as great as Six flags or Cedar Point' ..because when we tried to look up for corporate discounts (ofcourse in the companies we work for =)) we didn't find any listed forHershey! So ...we thought it might not be as big as the other ones and wasn't really prepared for the fun we had!! Only when my friend pointed out the rides in the internet...I got terrified! They were really huge, thrilling ones!! I guess I thought they will have justkiddy rides .... man what a fool was I to think like that! After seeing the pictures and explanations for the rides tummy started to scare me ...I was like ..' I am not gonna go in any of the rides ... please I will just go to the factory and anything else'!
Well .... back in my head I wanted to do something exciting as it had been a while since I did...!! So...yea we did go to the park was a neat drive to PA from my place! Beautiful small towns ...landscapes....farms...etc. It was really nice to see something different out of this busy state I am living in!

Anyways we arrived in the all smeared-up with sunscreen all over my body ...all ready to burn!! =)) Went to a number of rides ...screemed our lungs out ....and enjoyed a lot!!
After a while it was too hot and wanted a to be drenched!! So ... really got drenched... I mean really completely .... it was the splash of the season!! giggle

Well .. I guess I have to go now will catch up later on the mysteries of chocolate making...